Biography of Shaykh Mohammed Munir Qamar

Shaykh Abu Adnan Muhammad Munir Qamar was born in 1954 in the village Rehan Cheema near Bhopal Wala, which is in between Daskah and Samriyal (Pakistan). His father and grandfather were all Ahl e Hadith.

Shaykh Munir Qamar passed his primary in the village of Gudhiala, which was next to Rehan Cheema. He studied up to middle in Jamke Cheemah in St Mary’s High School which was a Christian private school. Shaykh Munir Qamar obtained excellent results in middle and was offered scholarship to carry on his studies, but he preferred instead studying religious studies and joined Jamiyah Salafiyah Faisalabad. His Christian teacher at St Mary’s High School asked him why he didn’t carry on governmental studies while he was offered a scholarship, but once Shaykh Munir Qamar told him that he wanted to join an Islamic Jami’ah as he was fond of Islamic studies, his Christian teacher understood and welcomed his decision.
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His religious studies

He studied in Jamiyah Salafiyah Faisalabad, and we count among his teachers there:
Peer Syed Muhammad Ya’qub
Hafiz Abdullah Budhimalvi
Shaykh Sultan Mahmood Jalalpuri
Hafiz Bin Yameen Toor
Hafiz Thanaullah Madni
Shaykh Munir Qamar afterwards obtained a gold medal in his BA from Punjab University.
He also attended a one-month Dawrah of the Quran of Shaykhul Quran Ghullamullah Khan in his Madrasah in Rawalpindi.

His journalism and writing during his studies.

During his studies in Jamiyah Salafiyah Faisalabad, Shaykh Munir Qamar started his journalism and writing books:

a)  His first article was published in four parts in the weekly magazine “Ahl e Hadith” Lahore on the second page, while he was in the first year of Jamiyah.

b) He was recording the lessons of Tafsir after Fajr prayer of Shaykh Sultan Mahmood Jalalpuri when Shaykh Jalalpuri taught in Jamiyah salafiyah for a year, and he would write down the lessons from the recordings and send them to the weekly magazine “Ahl e Hadith Lahore” and these lessons would thus be printed in the form of articles.

c) From these lessons of Tafsir of Shaykh Sultan Mahmood Jalalpuri, Shaykh Munir Qamar gathered all the parts on Surah Al-Hujurat and completed the Tafsir of the last few verses left and sent it to a publisher to be printed in the form of a book. Unfortunately, the publisher lost the copy and Shaykh Munir Qamar wrote it again from the different articles in magazines.

d) Shaykh Munir Qamar’s first book “Ramadhan Mubarak ka Ruhani Tarbiyat ka Mahinah” was also published.

e) In the last year of Jamiyah, he had started with other students a monthly magazine and the annual number came in the month of Rabiul Awwal, so they decided to publish a special number on the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) in which many teachers and students wrote articles. This special number was after published in the form of a book “Ainah Nubuwwat” Among the scholars who inspired Shaykh Munir Qamar were in speeches Allamah Ihsan Elahi Zaheer, in Arabic writings Shaykh Nasirudin Albani and in Urdu writing Shaykh AbdurRasheed Khaleeq Badomali.

His Da’wah Activities in Emirates and KSA

Shaykh Muhammad Munir Qamar after completing his studies had applied for different jobs and was accepted as Assistant Deputy Director of the University Board, but at the same time his brother in the Emirates obtained a visa for him. After consulting with his parents and friends, Shaykh Munir Qamar decided to go to the Emirates and applied for different jobs there and was accepted as employee of the Saudi Shar’i court in the Emirates.

Afterwards a Radio Channel in the Emirates started Urdu programs and the judge in the Shari’i court encouraged Shaykh Munir Qamar to deliver Urdu lectures there and referred him, hence Shaykh Munir Qamar started to deliver daily Islamic lectures which he delivered for 16 years. All his books were based on the notes he prepared for his lectures. His first series of talks on the radio, as it was the time of Hajj, was on the rites of Hajj and from these lectures, his book “Sue Haram” was published.

Shaykh Munir Qamar desired to teach the jurisprudence of prayer, hence he would deliver 15 lectures on the Fiqh of prayer and afterwards do a series on creed, Fiqh of other matters, good behaviour and other topics, and after do again 15 lectures on Fiqh Salah, and thus alternate his lessons on Fiqh Salah with other topics.

By doing regular lectures on the radio on the jurisprudence of prayer, he published in 3 large volumes his famous book “Fiqh Salah”, which was highly praised by his teacher Hafiz Thanaullah Madni. Hafiz Thanaullah Madni said that he had not seen a more detailed book on Fiqh As-Salah in any language.

With his lectures on the radio, Shaykh Munir Qamar would also deliver lectures in different Masajid on various topics.

Afterwards Shaykh Muhammad Munir Qamar went to Saudi Arabia where he worked for the same Shar’i court and the Shaykh is still residing in KSA in Khobar. Shaykh Munir Qamar also delivers lectures in different centres on various topics, Tawhid, Sunnah, Akhlaaq and others.

His writings and translations

Shaykh Munir Qamar authored more than 100 books:

1) “Fiqh As-Salah”: A 3 large volumes book, first volume 651 pages, Second volume 727 pages, third volume 783 pages. The 4th volume has been written and is under preparation for publishing.
2) “Ahkam Masajid”: 286 pages on rulings of Mosques
3) “Qubuliyat A’mal ke Sharait”: 408 pages on the conditions of acceptance of actions
4) “Zuhur Imam Mahdi, Ek Attal Haqiqat”: 221 pages book on the Mahdi
5) “Namaz Tarawih”: 126 pages
6) “Masajid wa Maqabir or Maqamat Namaz”: 168 pages on mosques, forbiddance of establishing mosques on graves and other places of prayers.
7) “Durud Sharif”: 190 pages on virtues and ruling of sending Salah and Salam upon the Prophet (saw)
8) “Huquq Mustafa (saw)”: 349 pages on the rights of the Prophet (saw)
9) “Sud or Rishwat”: 124 pages on Usury and bribe
10) “Allamah ibn Baz”: 224 pages on the biography of Shaykh ibn Baz
11) “Jumu’ah Mubarak”: 99 pages on virtues and rulings of Jumu’ah
12) “Ameen”: a 104 pages book on the meaning, virtue and ruling of saying “Ameen” loudly behind the Imam.
13) “Jashan Milad Yawm e Wafat Par?”: 40 pages on questioning people whether they are celebrating Milad on the day of the Prophet’s death.
14) “Mard wa Zan ki Namaz mein Farq”: 46 pages book on the absence of difference between prayer of men and women.
15) “Masnoo’i A’dha or Kahriji Ashya ki Surat mein Ahkam Ghusl wa Wudhu”: 91 pages, rulings of Ghusl and Wudhu for man-made body parts and external coverings.
16) “Surah Fatihah, Fazilat or Muqtadi ke lie Hukm”: A 251 pages on the virtues of Surah Fatihah and its ruling on the one who reads it behind the Imam
17) “Azmat e Quran”: on the greatness of the Quran
18) “Guldastah Nasihat se Pachas Phool”: 44 pages, translation of a book of Shaykh Abdul Aziz Al-Muqbil
19) “Muzammat Zina Kari wa Fahashi”:  208 pages on condemnation of fornication
20) “Dukhul Jannat ke Tis Asbab”: translation of a book Dar ibn Al-Mubarak Al-Khobar
21) “Ainah Nubuwwat”: 51 pages.
22) “Ramadhan Mubarak ka Ruhani Tarbiyat ka Mahinah”: 40 pages.
23) “Masnoon Zikr Ilahi” (Mukhtasar): The summarised version of the book has 50 pages on invocations in the Sunnah.
“Masnoon Zikr Ilahi” (Mufassal): The larger version of previous book, 463 pages.
24) “Seerat Imam Al-Anbiya”: 614 pages on the Prophetic Seerah
25) “Sharab or Digar Manshiyat”: 399 pages on alcohol and other intoxicants.
26) “Tariq Al-Aman an Amal Ash-Shaytan”: 120 pages
27) “Dar Amdah Gosht ki Shar’i Haythiyat”: 80 pages
28) “Khanzeer ki Charbi par Mushtamil Ashiya”: 32 pages, Urdu/English: rulings of products having pig fat.
This book has also been translated into English.
29) “Insani Tarikh ki Khufiyah Tarin Tahreek”: A 30 pages book on Freemasonry
30) “Da’wat ila Allah or Da’i ke Awsaf”: 96 pages and the call to Islam and attributes of the caller.
31) “Wujub Al-Amal bi Sunnah wa Kufr Munkir”: 96 pages on the authority of the Sunnah and Kufr of its rejecter
32) “Rozah Daron ke lie chand zaroori Nasihatein”: Advices for fasting people
33) “Tin Aham Usul Din or Qawa’id Arba’ah”
34) “Tin Aham Usul Din or Shurut Salah”:
35) “Ziyarat Madinah Munawwarah”: etiquettes of visiting Madinah Munawwarah, 31 pages
36) “Sharab se Ilaj li Shar’i Haythiyat”: 59 pages on the ruling on treating with alcohol
37) “Wujub Niqab”: 164 pages on obligation of Niqab
38) “Kashf Shubuhat (Tawhid)”
39) “Manasik Al-Hajj wal Umrah”: 300 pages, pocketsize
40) “Sue Haram (Hajj wa Umrah)”: 366 pages
41) “Insidad Zina kari ke liye Islam ki Hifazati Tadabir”: Protection from fornication
42) “Masail Qurbani wa Eedayn”: rulings of sacrifice
43) “Namaz Panchgana ki Rak’atein ma’a Namaz Witr wa Tahajjud”: 125 pages book on the number of Rak’at in the 5 prayers as well as Witr and Tahajjud.
44) “Mukhtasar Masail wa Ahkam Taharat wa Namaz”: 28 pages on rulings of purification and prayer
45) “Namaz or Rozah ki Niyat”: 47 pages on the intention of prayer and fasting
46) « Ruku se Sajdah mein Jane ki Kayfiyat »: 32 pages on how to go from Ruku to Sajdah
47) “Mard wa Zan ka Namaz ke lie Zaruri Libas”: 146 pages on necessary clothing for prayer for men and women.
48) “Sharab ki Hurmat wa Muzammat”: Forbiddance of Alcohol
49)” Mukafirat Zunub”: Summary and translation of a book of Hafiz ibn Hajar on actions that expiate sins.
50) “Muharramat”: Translation of a book of Shaykh Munajjid
51) “Raful Yadayn, Janibayn ke Dalail ka Tahqiqi Jaaizah”: 150 pages on verification of both side’s arguments regarding raising hands before and after Ruku.
52) “Topi ya Pagri ya Nange Sar Namaz”: A 40 pages book on wearing turban or having no hat in prayer.
53) “Hajj Masnun”: rites of Hajj, 144 pages.
54) “Mukhtasar Masail wa Ahkam Ramadhan Rozah or Zakah”: A 35 pages book on rulings of Ramadhan and Zakah
55) « Ruku Mein Milne Wali Rak’at »: 26 pages book on the ruling of the Rak’ah caught in Ruku’
56) « Namaz ke Mubtilat wa Mufsidat or Makruhat wa Mubahat »: A 77 pages on actions which cancel the prayer, actions which are disliked and actions which are permissible
57) “Jaddoo Ka Asan Ilaj jo Aap Khud bhi Kar Sakte Hein”: Easy cure from Magic which one can apply himself.
58) Khutbat Haramayn: Translation of sermons of the Haramayn.
59) “Machli ki Pet mein”: Translation of a book of Shaykh Muhammad ibn AbdirRahman Arifi (Fi Batni Hoot)
60) “Asiran Jihad or Masalah Ghulami”: 128 pages
61) “Jihad Islami, Fazail, Masail, Haqaiq”: A 188 pages book
62) “Faridhah Amr bil Maruf wa Nahi anil Munkar wa Dharurat Jihad”: A 123 pages book
63) “Insani Jan ki Qadr wa Qimat of Falsafah Jihad”
64) “Namaz Ba Jama’at ka Hukm”: Ruling of praying in congregation
65) “Ghayr Muslimon se Ta’aluqat or un ke Jhute Khane Pani ka Hukm”: 112 pages on links with non-Muslims and the ruling of their saliva touched food and drink.
66) “Namaz mein Adm Pabandi or Tarik Namaz ka Hukm”: 156 pages on ruling on the one who abandons prayer.
67) “Awqat Namaz”: 126 pages on times of prayer
68) “Adaab Du’a”: 104 pages on etiquettes of invocation
69) Mukhtasar Fadhail wa Masail Hajj wa Umrah: Summarised virtues and rulings of Hajj and Umrah
70) “Masail wa Ahkam Azan wa Iqamat or Jamat or Imamat”: 159 pages on rulings of the call to prayer, Iqamaah, congregation and Imam
71) “Masail wa Ahkam Libas wa Pardah”: Rulings on clothing and Hijab
72) “Tawiz Gandon or Jinnat wa Jaddo ka Ilaj”: 86 pages on amulets and how to cure from magic
73) “Tumbacco Noshi”: 104 pages on forbiddance of Tobacco.
74) “Gana or Musiqi, Quran or Sunnat ki Nazar mein”: 96 pags on Singing and Music
75) “Or Sigrat Chut gay”: 32 pages on abandoning cigarettes
76) “Bid’at Rajab Sha’ban”: 80 pages on innovations of Rajab and Sha’ban
77) “Namaz Nabawwi”: translation of a book of Shaykh Munajjid with video.
78) “Sal e No or Tazkirah Chand Bid’at ka”: 57 pages on New Year and mention of some innovations.
79) “Amal Salih ki Pehchan, Qubuliyat Amal ki Sharaith (Mukhtasar)”: 110 pages.
80) “Namaz Janazah”: 96 pages on funeral rites.
81) « Bid’at or un ka Ta’aruf »: 128 pages on innovations.
82) “Namaz mein Hath, kab, kahan or Kese”: How to hold hands in different positions in the prayer.
83) “Andhi Taqleed wa Ta’asub wa Tahrif Kitab wa Sunnat”: On blind following, bigotry and alteration of the Book and Hadith.
84) “Tarbiyat Awlad”: 222 pages on raising children


85) “Al-Imam Al-Muhadith Al-Albani”: Biography of Shaykh Albani
86) “50 Sawal wa Fatawa wa Ahkam Haydh ke Bare mein”: Translation of a book of Shaykh ibn Utheymeen on menstruation
87) “Mamnu’at”: Translation of a book of Shaykh Munajjid
88) “Ahkam Zakah wa Sadaqat”: Rulings of Zakah and charity
89) “Maqalat Qamar”: 2 volumes of essays
90) “Chand Ikhtilafi Masail mein rah I’tidal”: Middle path in some matters of difference.
91) “Tafsir Surah Hujurat”
92) “Haramayn Sharifayn”: The limits of the 2 Haram, their history and virtues
93) “Chand Nafli Namzein or Sajde”: Voluntary prayers and prostrations
94) “Tafsir Ayat Al-Ahkam”: 2 volumes Tafsir of verses pertaining to rulings.
95) “Al-Ad’iyah wal Azkar fi Layl wa Nahar”: Arabic book on invocations of the day and night
96) “Sahih Fadhail A’mal”: Authentic book on virtues of righteous actions, based on the Quran and the 2 Sahih.
97) “Islam, Natwan Ullama or Nadan Awam ke ma Bayn”
98) “Tablighi Nisab ke Nashir or Deobandiyat ke Mualif ki Tawbah”: Repentance of the publisher of “Tablighi Nisab”
99) “Fadhail A’mal par Ek Nazar” by Eng. Fasihudin Qureshi
100) “Ek Khula Khatt” (Open Letter) by Muhammad Rahmatullah Khan
101) “Tablighi Nisab, Tajziyah wa Tabsirah”: Examination of “Tablighi Nisab”
102) “Guldastah Adab ke chand phool”
103) “Khutbat Masjid Haram”: Vol 2 to5
104) “Khutbat Masjid Nabawi”: Vol 2 to 5

Books verified and supervised:

105) “Guldastah Durus Khawatin”: 2 volumes by Umm Adnan Qamar, reviewed by Shaykh Munir Qamar
106) “Zad Mubalighat”: by Umm Adnan Qamar, reviewed by Shaykh Munir Qamar
107) “Safeenah Najat”
108) “Insan ka sab se Bara Dushman”
109) « Bimariyon ka Ilaj »
110) “Quran Majid mein Ahkamat wa Mamnu’at”: Written by Umm AbdilMatin Azmat Fatimah, reviewed by Shaykh Munir Qamar
111) “Mu’awizatayn, Fazail, Barakat, Tafsir”: his student Shahid Sattar wrote this book based on a lecture of Shaykh Nasir Rehmani and on the book “Tafsir Mu’awizatayn” of Hafiz ibn Al-Qayim. Shaykh Munir Qamar verified it and introduced it.
112) “Imamat Ka Ahl Kon”: Introduction and verification
113) “Arkan Iman”: Introduction and verification.
114) “Safar Akhir, Husn Khatimah or Su Kahtimah”
115) “Grelu Mahol ke Islah ke lie 40 Nasihaten”
116) “Qurani Grammar ki Mukhtasar, Zaruri or Asan Work Book”
117) “Jannati Awrat”
118) “Khushgawar Zindagi ke bara Usul”
119) “Talash Haq ka safar”: written by Muhammad Rahmatullah Khan
120) “Jehz wa Jore ki Rasam”
121) “Do hire Ajr ke Mustahiq Log”
122) “Duniyawi Masaib or Mushkilat”: 43 pages on worldly hardships
123) “Namaz mein Jane wali Ghaltiyan”: 63 pages on errors in prayer
124) “Istiqamat, Rah Din par Thabat Qadmi”: 64 pages on remaining steadfast on the straight path

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