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About Fazilat ash-sheikh Mohammed Munir Qamar

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About Fazilat ash-sheikh Mohammed Munir Qamar
Fazilat ash-sheikh Mohammed Munir Qamar is a famous scholar & author of more than 125 books. Sheikh have delivered hundreds of lectures on various topics. He has served in the Umm ulQuen radio station on daily basis for more than 14 years during which he spoke on almost all the subjects of Islam. His lectures are broadcasted regularly on Jeddah Radio Urdu section & articles in Urdu News.

Sheikh Munir Qamar is incharge Programme Islami Zindagi & Islami Ibadat and co-op Member of Islamic Da'wa Center Khobar, Dhahran, Dammam.

He is currently serving as translator in Supreme Court, Al-Khobar

Contact Details

For Questions and Answers: +966503889187

If you want to ask a Question Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Weekly Schedule

Day Time Location
Saturday After Ish'aa Prayer Islamic Daa'wa Center - Aqrabia (Near Telephone Exchange)
Sunday After Ish'aa Prayer Masjid Musa'ab bin Umair (Near Pakistani School)
Tuesday Recording for Saudi Radio Jeddah {Urdu Service} "Islami Zindagi & Islami Ibadat"
Thursday After Ish'aa Prayer Islamic Daa'wa Center - Jowahra Market - Al-Khobar
Friday Juma'ah Khutba Translation Masjid Usman bin Affan (Near Pakistani School)
Friday 3:30PM - Islami Zindagi & Islami Ibadat Saudi Radio Jeddah {Urdu Service}
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